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Started GSP

  Chad Vinatieri

  14000 N 14th St
          Raymond, Nebraska - United States



Vinn's Buck Naked Too $1000
Buck is just like his dad, in look and personality. His is getting better and running bigger each time he is put on the ground. I hope to start him in NSTRA in a couple years. If he is half the dog his father is we will be win soon. Range MEDIUM Size (50 pd) WHITE/LIVER

Vinn's Diamond In The Sky $1500
SKY is breed about as good as you can get. If you like Dixieland Blood lines, you will like him. Sire is NSDC/FC Diamond S Texas Express and dam is NSDC/FC Diamond S Hey Jude. Sky is a small snappy dog, that is a little slow to mature but seems to get better everytime I run him. He has a ton of style and his range currently is MEDIUM but he is working his way to LARGE. Size (40pd) LIVER/WHITE

Vinn's Fancy Possie $1500
Cherry has a great NSTRA pedgree and is double breed 2xNat. Ch & 21xNSTRA CH. Fancy White Trash. This dog has a ton of point in her and that has carried over to her pups. She is very quick on the ground and would make a good NSTRA dog but I'm not going to run her only because you can't run them all. Range is MEDIUM Size (40 pd) WHITE/LIVER

Vinn's Checkmate Savanna Savanna $500. She is out of Buck and a VERY fine hunting dog out of Kentucky. Anna is Roan/Patched. She will make great hunting dogs, and will be ready for next season. If I don't end up selling her I will be breeding them to one of Buck's male pups, to double up the blood line. Whelped 6/6/06

Vinn's Dixieland Delight $500 If your looking for a female with lots of Dixieland blood don't look any further, she is my pick of the litter and is a very nice little pup. All liver head, Roan. Whelped 7/06

Vinn's Dixieland Von Toby & Tara Toby $1000 Tara $1500 These two are littermate that I kept out of FC JD Shameless Rocky and my Maggie dog. These pups have great Field trial Pedgree's. They are very bold pups. They love to point and retrieve. They both have all liver heads, while Toby is white with light ticking and one liver patch on his butt, and Tara has a large liver blanket on her back that carries down to both sides.

Vinn's Slick Tip $500 Tip is very nice female, she is a bold little pup. She is heavy breed NFC/FC Heide's Migty City Slicker. She has a great pedigree. White body with 2 liver patches on each side.