Male Yellow Lab

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Male Yellow Lab

  Samuel Davis

  1039 MIchie Pebble Hill Rd
          Stantonville, Tennessee - United States

  731 926 0238


I have a Yellow Labrabor Retriever for sale. Above average in size. Has had 4 - 6 months of professional training. I've seen him do directional retrieves ( left, right and back ) and has been forced fetched. He's also been hunted for a couple of seasons. I got this dog from my sister when her and her husband got a divorce. I've boarded the dog for the past 8 months. My sister ex-husband hasn't paid any child support and they have4 kids, so I'm selling this dog and sending her the money. The dog hasn't had any work during this time, so expect him to be rusty. I'm not sure of his exact age or pedigree, that information is on his paper work and I don't have it handy at this time. I believe he's around 3-4 years old. If you have any question, please fill free to contact me.