Versatile Hunting Dog, Pudelpointer, rare breed

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Versatile Hunting Dog, Pudelpointer, rare breed

  David England

  1355 San Juan Drive
          Santa Fe, New Mexico - United States



Spayed female will point, retrieve form land and water, and track. Folks, this is a huge sacrifice on my part. If I had the time and desire to test, this dog would go for 3 grand at least. Abbydog will sit, whoa, stay, come, fetch, heel for both right and left handed shooters, search with determination, point rock solid with no creeping, hunt close, run a great pattern, turn instantly on command, deliver to hand with soft mouth. Without exaggeration, probably the best nose you’ve seen on a versatile hunting dog. If you polish and test, this dog could go all the way. Mike Pollata dog. Chocolate brown with red and blond face, medium fuzzy, beautiful. Housebroken, loves to hunt. Hunted on ducks, blue quail, blue grouse, pheasants. Downsides: hates to ride in kennel but will enter on command and stay when door opened until released. Sensitive (not timid!), yell too much and this dog will fear you. Doesn’t seem to like much affection. Used to be steady to wind and shot but after a year at my brother's, she backslid. All in all not much downside. Don’t let me think about this too long. Will consider trade for guns, leupolds, camp trailer, etc.