Female GSP - Whelped on 3/7/04

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Female GSP - Whelped on 3/7/04

  Melissa Gallegos

  9109 w. plum rd.
          Peoria, Arizona - United States




This dog is fully house trained, retrieves, points, great with kids & very affectionate. Ready to hunt & the perfect age to breed. Best pedigree you'll find, every dog is titled. It includes Graf, Nora, Ruger, Freigeist V Laden, Hillhavens Hustler just to name a few. This is not some back yard bred mutt or a throw away dog nobody wants this is a wonderfully well behaved hound with a great future in the right hands. This is an extremely hard thing to do for us but we have no other option. We will only sell her to a loving, caring home were she will be guaranteed to live happily ever-after. Good homes only need inquire.. 3000.00 o.b.o.. The better the home the lower will go on the price.. Thanks