Wanted- Upland Dog (ANY BREED)

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Wanted- Upland Dog (ANY BREED)

  Kathleen Hornik

  TX-United States



I am looking for a female (preferrably spayed) that is medium sized (any breed) that is steady to shot and has had pheasant experience. I need the dog to be extremely calm (as it will be in the home with children and lap dogs). Any pointer or flushing breed will do. I don't even care if it's a mutt as long as it is housebroken, calm in the home, female (even if spayed) and can hunt. This dog will be hunted at a hunting preserve but will mostly be a family member. Shorthair or dogs that don't shed pounds of hair preferred. I realize that I'm asking for the near impossible so I will pay upwards or $3000 (even for a mutt that fits this description). Please email me with the details and photos if you know this dog!!!!