Started Yellow Lab Female

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Started Yellow Lab Female

  Adam Hart

  Singleshot Kennels
          2908 Crepe Myrtle Drive
          Blackshear, Georgia - United States

  (912) 807-4946


Trip My Trigger

Trigger is a high drive female that has one Jr. Hunt pass. She is OB, CC,
FF, and starting on handling and pile work. She has a super strong nose and could make a
super upland hunter.

She was originally trained by James Brangos, Mike Lardy's former assistant.

She just turned two in March. She will be OFA certified. In her 5 generation pedigree, only one or two dogs have not been certified.

Her pedigree comes from Borderline Plantation in GA (where the Master National was held this year). Her sire is Longpine's Maverick (FC-AFC Sourdough's Slick Nick X Borderlines Dead Ringer MH).

Her dam is Jerry's Yellow Maize (daughter of Two Master Hunters) THe sire of Maize is a son of CNAFC CFC FC AFC Gunstock's Caramel Crunch and the dam is a daughter of NAFC FC MDs Cotton Pick'n Cropper.

Both Maverick and Maize are full time hunting partners. Used very much for hunting over in the Thomasville, GA area.

Trigger has been hunted some and is maturing into a nice dog.

Email for pics and pedigree.