gsp 8 months old

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gsp 8 months old

  John Roggow

  26120 128th st
          Trail City, South Dakota - United States



molly is a white and liver female. she has been hunted alittle on south dakota roosters. She quaters very well in the feild. runs about 50 yards in front of you. She picks up on her birds well. She pointed and retreived about 40 birds this last fall as a young puppy. she has proly the best nose i have ever seen and i have seen some very good noises before. I raise wirehairs andshe is hunting better then some of my dogs that have three or four season under them. I jsut have no need for her right now. She lives in the house with me an d is hosue trained and is a great family comapnion. Her retreive os also very good. So if you have any ?'s please feel free to ask me. Email me for pics ad pedigree

Thanks for ready my ad