Outstanding Started Puppy For Sale!!

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Outstanding Started Puppy For Sale!!

  Kelly Olson

  SD-United States



This puppy that we like to call "Pops" is doing great with training! He will sit and stay while you walk around him and even drop the leash and walk away. He responds to : hear, sit, heal, and no. We have worked with him for just a month now and he is doing great. We didn't have a ton of time to put into training with him right away because we were working with so many dogs. We chose to limit our time with him because we could tell that he instinctively knew some things that the others needed work on first. He was the smart one so we didn't need to put much time in with him before he would immediately catch on to training. He is very energetic and excited to work! He is now just shy of 6 months old and ready for a new home. We would be more than happy to send pictures of the Sire and Dam if interested. We are willing to work with someone on price a little.... We have two more litters on the way very soon and would like to have these started pups placed in a new home as soon as possible. Please feel free to call for more information or questions. This boy is going to excel at training and hunting this season more than any others in this litter! He is going to be outstanding!!


Nova : AKC and UKC Registered, OFA normal, CERF certified, and outstanding hunter! This chocolate male is highly intelligent, tons of drive, energetic, and smart! He is great at upland hunting and waterfowl. We run all our dogs with our guide service in SD. Nova has passed on his smarts to these pups and you can see it! They love the water and they love tracking scents!


Tika : AKC and UKC Registered, OFA normal, CERF certified, and outstanding huntress! This white/yellow female is one of our BEST! She is extraordinary at upland hunting and has proved it over the last 6 years hunting with us and our clients! She has in her pedigree Master Hunters, Field Champions, and the 13 time Grand Hunting and Retrieving Champion - Laroux's Midnight Bandit. This alone speaks for her drive, intelligence and all around superior qualities. All her pups have her great temperament and drive!