Finished Female Deutsch Langhaar

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Finished Female Deutsch Langhaar - Sold Out

  Cortney Schaefer

  15363 W Binfield Road
          Wood River, Nebraska - United States


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Elli is a 2.5 year old female Deutsch Langhaar. She is 61cm tall and weighs about 60lbs. Her test scores are as follows:

NAVHDA Test Scores:
Natural Ability Test: 112 points, Prize I
Utility Test: 201 points, Prize I

JGHV Test Scores:
VJP: 77 points
HZP: 187 points
VGP: 268 points, Prize II

You can read more about her on our website at I have included some of my favorite photos of Elli in this post. I have hundreds more photos available upon request.

Elli is a fantastic hunting dog. She has a very intense point, a strong love of water, and she is a reliable retriever. She is also very calm, quiet, and easy to train. She was a mostly-finished dog by the time she hunted her first wild game in the fall of 2010 (at 11 months of age). We have hunted her primarily on grouse, woodcock, and waterfowl in Wisconsin, as well as pheasants (and jackrabbits) in South Dakota and pheasants, quail, and rabbits in Nebraska. Her ability to track wounded pheasants in South Dakota was especially impressive. She has also recovered multiple wounded deer for our friends in Wisconsin. The combination of Elli's stylish point, incredible tracking ability, and her calm demeanor make her a very special dog.

Elli lives in the house with us and our 2 other dogs. She is very quiet and well-mannered in the house. She loves attention and is always right at your feet waiting to be petted. She really loves kids. She stayed with a friend of ours once and Elli let his kids dress her up and do pretty much anything else they wanted with her.

Elli is used to living with at least one other dog so I think she would do best in a home where she could live with at least one other dog to keep her company when folks are at work or away from home. We would like to place Elli somewhere where she would definitely get to hunt this season. The reason we have decided to part with her is her hips. Her hips are rated "C", which means that they are not dysplastic, but they are not great either. We did breed her once this past winter. The pups are now 6 months old and are progressing really nicely and we have another really nice young prospect from another breeding so we have decided not to breed Elli again. Since we only have room at our house to keep breeding-quality dogs, we would like to place Elli in a great hunting home.

Since Elli is a completely finished dog and has two hunting seasons under her belt, we are asking $2,500.00 for her. Please contact us at or 715-457-2145 if you are interested. We are located in central Wisconsin and are available most weeknights and occasional weekends to demonstrate Elli's abilities.