Well started Yellow Female Northern California.

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Well started Yellow Female Northern California. - Sold Out

  Rex Archer

  CA-United States

  530 743 8547



Barbie is cross trained as a Sniffer dog, finds the most difficult plants, does not give up.

Barbie is three years old and has been trained in obedience, hunting duty's in wild bird habitat, loads up, is not gun shy, is intact. Barbie has both grandfathers that are AKC Master hunters and other titled dogs in her three generation pedigree including a NAFC!

Barbie is fast on her retrieves, going and coming, is steady to Shot, leaps far out into water , great swimmer. Barbie is trained to Heel, sit, stay, down and load up in pickup. She has never been bred. I gave her a refresher on force hold.

Barbie has drive! She is a natural retriever, land or water, Barbie stays until she finds the bird, Does Doubles , Barbie can be picked up here or shipped from Sacramento International Airport. SOLD
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