Well Started Son of HOF CH Rockacre Blackhawk for Sale

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Well Started Son of HOF CH Rockacre Blackhawk for Sale

  Steve Schneller

  481 E 90th Ave N
          Wellington, Kansas - United States




I have for sale a well started direct son of HOF CH Rockacre Blackhawk. Hawk was whelped 3-21-09 and his dam is Run N Gun Ellie Joe. Hawk was a horseback wash out as he did not have enough run to play the game. He has become an extremely nice foot hunting dog. Hawk is here broke, whoa broke and collar conditioned. His normal range is between 50-75yds and will stay between 25-50yds when we are getting into birds. Hawk also has a pretty nice natural retrieve. He has retrieved pigeons, chukar and rooster pheasants. He is a little hard mouthed, but does not tear the birds up.

Hawk is steady on point and we have killed many birds for him. I would say that Hawk has an above average nose. In fact it is better than all my GSP's in my kennel. I have not worked on backing yet. I am not sure if he will do it naturally or not. If he didn't do it naturally, I am sure it would only take showing him once or twice to get it down. With wanting to get into guiding again, I hate to sell him, but I am having 2 litters this spring/summer and really need to make space in the kennels.

Hawk is priced at $800. I will gladly show him on birds here in the Springfield, Mo area.

Here is a link to his pedigree: http://www.perfectpedigrees.com/3genview.php?id=3988

Any other questions you can email me at southwindgundogs@yahoo.com

Thx, Steve