Black Lab From Jon Stolarz---Parents Are Diablo & Darlin

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Black Lab From Jon Stolarz---Parents Are Diablo & Darlin

  John Brutty

  260 SE 14th Ave
          Columbus, Nebraska - United States



I purchased this dog from Jon Stolarz in early December of 2011.

I am selling him because he does not deliver to hand (has a habit of dropping the bird 10-15 feet away from me) and I don’t have the time to train him on the “hold” command or “force break” him. I can’t afford to send him to a trainer. (tied up all of my money in the purchase of the dog)

Scout's mother has not been certified for hips & elbows.

Scout is currently 14 months old. He has the Irish lab breeding.

Scout’s parents are Diablo and Darlin. I can send his pedigree upon request. If you go to Ace Berry’s website you can view both of these dogs.

His obedience is fantastic. (here, sit & heel)

Scout LOVES the water and has no problems with cold weather.

Scout is a beautiful dog; great with children and adults alike. He will not jump up on you and obeys the sit command whether it is me, my wife or children!

Scout is extremely athletic in the field and fun to watch. He is also a beautiful dog, Jon Stolarz told me his father has the looks of a show dog, those genetics were obviously passed on to Scout.

He is not whistle trained, but I use the whistle in the field to get his attention, then I give a command. This seems to work really well.

He is not house broken or crate trained, yet I have had him in my office with me numerous times with no incidents.

When we first got him, Scout barked a lot in his kennel. Today, he rarely barks and is certainly not a nusience barker. Only barks in his outside kennel if he is startled. He does not bark at all when we are getting his food ready, on our way to the kennel to feed or exercise, etc.

The pictures posted are the same ones sent to me when I bought Scout two months ago.

I was able to hunt with Scout numerous times and he seems to have a good nose and really likes birds. He hunts close, like you want a flushing dog to hunt.

I also want to share with you that he sometimes points. When he points, it is a beautiful point, but I tell you this so you know he doesn’t always immediately flush the birds.

As I said earlier, the main reason I am selling him (90% of the reason) is that he does not deliver to hand. My secondary reason is the pointing; I just prefer a flushing lab. (I am told this is easy enough to break, but I have no experience in this area)

This is a chance to own some great genetics and a wonderful dog. He just needs some work that I am not able to give him.