Most Beautiful Elhew Pointer you have ever seen

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Most Beautiful Elhew Pointer you have ever seen

  Shawn Eisenhauer

  KS-United States


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When watching a dog like Rick work a person has to seriously ask themselves if they have ever seen a nicer looking animal. In all my years I can't say that I have. Yeah, Danny was the man during his time but even Danny didn't look like this.

Rick is so beautifully put together it's hard to imagine. He is both foot trialing capable and stud dog quality and that's an understatement. We will be running him in NSTRA, BDC and BHU in the coming weeks just to show him off.

Rick is a completely broke foot hunting gundog and by that I mean trained the way the majority of people want their gundogs trained. Point steady to flush, back on site, retrieve to hand, whoa broke, whistle trained (turns on 2 short blasts of the whistle and comes in on one long blast), here broke, collar conditioned (both to reinforce commands and turns on the knick of the collar for silent handling), heel broke and loads to the truck/box on command.

Rick is bred incredibly too. His mom was one of my personal guide dogs for several years and the Queen of the mountains on chukar in NV last year. Her phenomenal nose and great handle came from being a double grand daughter of the great blue hen Hannah's Elhew Lou. Rick's sire is where Rick get's his conformation and style from though. His sire is a littermate brother of 2x CH, 2x RUCH Elite Poker Face and for some reason Poker, Elite Aces High and Rick's sire Sam (Elite Royal Flush) all 3 throw some of the nicer built pups/dogs I have ever got to work with. To see his entire pedigree go to our finished dogs page and pull him up and click on pedigree.

For any questions please contact Shady Meadows Gundogs at 660-832-4233 and ask for Shawn or e-mail