DNA son of HOF NC Elhew Snakefoot

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DNA son of HOF NC Elhew Snakefoot

  Shawn Eisenhauer

  KS-United States



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Well, here it is. The time has come. I may be a fool to do this however I’m offering up for sale my last DNA’d son of HOF NC Elhew Snakefoot. He’s the best of the 3 (thus the reason I saved him). Obviously, everybody knows who his sire is. Also, though, his mom has at least 4 bothers/sisters that are shooting dog Champions.

He’s been my hunting buddy in CA and NV this year. Hook is quite a dog. He does everything perfectly for the foot hunter and is probably the most “people oriented” dog that I have ever owned. He would make a great dog to have in the house and curl up in front of the fireplace at the end of a long days hunt. A dog as rare as him deserves that too. Don’t let the picture of him with me and some chukar fool you. He looks small in the picture however those that know me know that I’m a little bigger than most people so it’s just me making him look small. He’s about 55 lbs+ in ideal condition. He’s about 50lbs right now as I have been hunting him pretty hard in some pretty tough conditions (obviously).

Hook is a breeding program dog that needs to be used to pass on his VERY rare genetics. He is the best of last 3 sons of NC Elhew Snakefoot that there is. He has great style. He hunts “for the gun” and is a real “people pleaser”. He retrieves flawlessly (natural, not force broke) and is eager as can be to get you the bird and get back to hunting. Hook has shown huge leaps in maturity and drive the last few times I’ve taken him chukar hunting. As everyone knows, these Elhews mature very late however when they start to come into their own, they are really, really nice dogs. Hook is showing that right now (earlier than I would have expected). We have a couple more hunts to NV in the next couple weeks. I can’t wait to see what happens with him. He is such a pleasure to watch hunt.

I sold half interest in Hook for $8500 a little over a year ago. My current partner in him has decided with the economy that they are quitting breeding and since I am of the same opinion at this time (at least for now) things have come together to offer Hook to someone that will use him more than we would be in the future. I am going to offer him for $9500 and I would like to reserve a few breeding rights to him in the future. I don’t know that I would use them however I also am not comfortable with the thought that I am parting with an irreplaceable dog.

For more information contact Shawn at the ranch in CA at 805-736-3869.