California English Pointers

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California English Pointers

  Ivaylo Gotzev

  CA-United States


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Elite Pointers specializes in the creme de la creme of English Pointers, the majestic Elhew Pointer. Elite's Elhew Pointers are improved over most Elhew Pointers. We hunt our dogs in some of the toughest conditions in North America. The desert southwest and mountains of Nevada require bird dogs with exreme toughness, VERY good noses and very high drive and that's just to be able to go out and hunt. There's huge temperature fluctuations, an extremely dry climate (very poor scenting conditions) and very steep canyon walls that beat up both man and dog. If a dog can hunt out here, it can hunt anywhere. If you've experienced this hunting than you know what I'm talking about. If not, you can't comprehend it until you do it. These conditions require a very special dog. With years of hunting the dogs in these conditions we have produced a line of Elhew Pointers that are far tougher and have much better noses than most Elhews. It has basically come down to a process of natural selection guided by the human intelect. The dogs either make it or they don't in this climate and dogs that would normally be bred in other parts of the country are weeded out by these conditions.

Until now, we haven't sold many of our dogs. They've been kept for personal hunting dogs for the owner of Elite Pointers and sold just a few over the years to high end shooting preserves from Mexico to Georgia. This year we are making available about 2 dozen. Many of them are on the Elite Pointers website which is Others will have their pictures added as they are available. This is an excellent oportunity to choose from some of the finest Elhew stock in the country. For more nformation please see our website or call 805-736-3869 or e-mail