Dead broke foot hunting/shooting preserve dog

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Dead broke foot hunting/shooting preserve dog

  Shawn Eisenhauer

  KS-United States


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Ace is 19 months old. He was guided over all last season by Steve Herring at Little Toledo (one of the premier wing shooting lodges in the country) which means at his young age he has already had more birds shot over him than most dogs will in their life. Ace is the real deal all the way. He's capable of championing in NSTRA in 1 season, no problem. In the last couple years Steve has become our "go to" trainer. He's as good as anyone in the country at getting inside a dogs head and making the dog "right". Like I said in his other dog Jade's ad, Steve is going through a rough patch and needs money. Otherwise, a person would never own these dogs (well, not for this money anyway).

We sell good-great dogs for $2500-$4500. The $5500 price tag on Ace tells you just how good this dog is. He is also a direct son of National Champion Westfall's Black Ice by a daughter of National Champion Laws High Noon. That's good gear. Being that we have the highest traffic website in the country he has asked me to help him sell them to raise some cash for his "rough patch". If you get either one of Steve's dogs you will be begging him for another (except these are the only 2 he owns right now. I already sold his others this spring). He was hoping to be able to hang on to his last 2 however it's not feasible. That right there tells you what a tough time he's having. A full time guiding selling his 2 best dogs. That's a dog gone shame. He's fortunate though in that everybody loves Steve and trusts him and he can borrow any of our dogs anytime he needs them.

He is also open to partial trades or we can take something in trade and work it out with him in training on our dogs later. See our wanted list on our website for ideas.

Contact Shady Meadows Gundogs at 913-209-9647 and ask for Shawn or e-mail