Broke Female Setter w/ Champion Bloodlines

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Broke Female Setter w/ Champion Bloodlines - Sold Out

  Dave Fredericks

  1011 Sebree Road
          Stampimg Ground, Kentucky - United States

  (502) 535-7164


Nicki is a 29 month old female setter that is completley broke. She is out of Keystone's Red Rage and Chip's Peppy Lepew. Her pedigree includes Keystone's Red Ryder, Chip's Super Chunk, Wrongway, Grouse Ridge Been, Grouse Ridge Storm, and many others!
Nicki is whoa broke, whistle trained, collar conditioned, backs, and retrieves to hand. Nicki also heals, loads, and is trained to jump on a dog box on the ground when her kennel is being cleaned and while she is being fed.
Nicki has never been bred but has had her heat cycles on time. She is absolutely not being sold as a brood bitch. If I wanted to use her as a brood bitch I could, but she is way to nice to keep as a brood bitch only!
Nicki is as hard driving and hard hunting dog as I have ever owned. She hunted the cover in Wisconsin grouse hunting when she was 16 months old as hard as my buddy's 4 and 5 year old dogs. You will not find a dog that hunts any harder! She hunts with a cracking tail and as seen in the picture she points straight up.
The only reason Nicki is for sale is because with two kids soccer, baketball, T-ball, and ballet practice I do not have time to hunt her. I did not even get to go to Wisconsin this year for our yearly grouse trip.(Nicki got to go!) I also have her priced very reasonable because I want her to go to someone who will hunt her! She is worth $2500 at the drop of a hat, but not everyone can afford that so I think it is more important for her to go to somone who loves bird hunting!
Nicki has been hunted on grouse, woodcock, quail, and liberated chuckars and pheasants. Last year I worked for a shooting reserve with Nicki, but the owner went out of business.
If you hunt Nicki she will probably end up being one of the best dogs you have ever owned if not the best!