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Started Yellow Lab/SOLD

  Derick Munson

  13148 State hwy 285
          La Jara, Colorado - United States


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Gunner is a great dog with a strong desire to retrieve. Born on July 7th 2006, he was kept from the litter with the sole purpose of training. Both parents are OFA certified. He retrieves on land and water, both of which he loves to do. He has been introduced to gunfire, duck and goose wings, water, other dogs, and a family environment, and he has a great desire to please. I am training him in obedience now. He will sit – we’re still working on the rest. He is a very trainable dog. He is past the puppy stage of constant needs and is very independent. He is an outside dog here in Colorado, but I am sure he would love it inside also. His dad, Copper, is a great grandson of 2XNAFC 2XCNAFC FC EBONSTAR LEAN MAC. His 5 generation pedigree includes last dual titled 1983 DUAL/AFC Hiwood Shadow, FC/AFC Black Golds Candlewood Kate, CFC/AFC/NFC/NAFC Waldorf's High Tech, CFC Rascals Super Spud, FC/AFC Snake Eyes-Double Or Nothin', FC/NAFC Dude's Double Or Nothin', FC/AFC Wilderness Harley To Go, Abercrombie And Fitch,MH, Franklin's Northern Flight,MH. We’re working on Copper’s hunt test right now. There are 34 titles in Coppers pedigree. His mother is Penny. She, too, is a great retriever and she works upland also. Both Copper and Penny weigh around 85 pounds, so that is about what we predict for Gunner’s weight as well. Price is Firm at $800.00, but will go up with more training. You can leave me a message in the feedback section of my web page also there are more pictures of him. and I will respond as soon as possible with answers to any questions you may have. Buyer pays for shipping and crate charge. Shipping is available.