Nebr. Britt Litter--- Father FC/AFC Mom MH

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Nebr. Britt Litter--- Father FC/AFC Mom MH

  Douglas Sieckmeyer

  8851 Co. Rd. P35
          Blair, Nebraska - United States



The nine pup litter has 4 l/w males, 2 o/w males, 1 l/w female,& 2 o/w females in it.
The father, FC/AFC Shale Valley's Myla Tech, was the 2009 Greater St. Louis Gun Dog Of The Year. The dam, Bourbon's Lucky Penny MH, has an AKC master hunter title. The 5 generation, 62 dog, pedigree has 16 national champs(6 more dogs have national placements), 37 field champs, 17 dual champs, 4 master hunters, 4 senior hunters, and 9 hall of fame britts in it. All dogs in the first 3 generations have their hips certified OFA-Good.
Both parents are hunted on wild birds. My female is a good house pet along with being a good hunting dog. Female pups are $600, Male pups are $550