10 Yellow Hunting Labs born July 7th

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10 Yellow Hunting Labs born July 7th

  Jack Biddle

  171 Hanna Road
          New Florence, Pennsylvania - United States




You should expect your Three Cedar’s puppy to grow into a confident, very intelligent, hard working dog with a great nose and the desire and stamina to hunt all day, everyday; AND the personality to be your “best buddy” the rest of the time.
Three Cedars Retrievers exists to develop and breed a line of Labrador Retrievers that are expected to be truly well rounded. All Three Cedars Retrievers Sires and Dams must prove their versatility before we will select them for breeding. They must demonstrate a high level of desire and drive to hunt and be exceptionally hard workers. They must have the intelligence and personality to move readily from field work to hunt tests to companion duties. They must pass a battery of structural and genetic testing to verify that they will not pass along any of the known genetic diseases. They have been selected as breeders because of their proven versatility, their working dog pedigrees and their great personalities. We believe these traits will be evident in their progeny.