German Wirehaired Pointer Pups - to be born early June

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German Wirehaired Pointer Pups - to be born early June

  Dave Heine

  MT-United States



At Silver Buckle Kennels, our goal is to produce a quality dog that has good instinct, a good nose, and has a good disposition. We hope to put the odds in your favor for having a dog that will do the things you need it to do to be enjoyable and to be a good family friend.

We had a litter of the same breeding last June. All of these pups are in new homes and we have had many positive comments from their new owners. Fortunately, many of them are still in the area and we have seen them several times in the past six months. They are biddable, and of course have great personalities (as most wirehairs do). Most are quite far along in their training and will be excellent hunters this fall. You can see pictures of some of them on our website.

There was such good demand for these pups and so many great reports that we repeated the same breeding this spring. "Sota" is due the first week of June and we look forward to another well-balanced and awesome litter of pups.

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