German Weimaraner 20month old

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German Weimaraner 20month old

  Stefanie Robinson

  TX-United States


We are looking for a new owner for our 20month old Weimaraner Stailey.
We got him when he was 4month old and made a promise to never give him away. Unfortunately we have 2 kids with special needs and their medical attention takes too much time away from taking care of our dog. As known the Weimaraner needs plenty of exercise and training. he is a very good dog and in time i have learned that he enjoys hunting like a big dog. He has already brought me home a couple of presents when we go for walks.
He needs a strong leader and i wish i could find someone for him that goes hunting and hiking. He can be very hardheaded and has lots of energy.
he was fixed September of this year and is very healthy. He has a negative heart worm check and is up to date with all shots. Also he has a microchip. He has never been ill or sick but has sensitive skin and needs proper nutrition.
if you are interested i can send some pics and more info.
Thanks for taking your time reading this,