Winter training trip

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Winter training trip

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Send your dog on a working vacation to South Carolina this winter!!!

2010 Winter Training Trip
Norse Retrievers of Western Wisconsin will be going to the warm and sunny Low country of South Carolina just inland from Myrtle Beach SC for a winter training trip. This is a tremendous opportunity for your dog, while in SC we have daily access to hundreds of acres of ponds fields to use for training. Many of these ponds are designed just for dog training giving your dog many unique experiences that will help make your dog the best it can be. Because only 12 dogs will be going on this trip your dog will get personal one on one time with the head trainer every day.

Who’s dog would be a good candidate for this trip? Many dogs would benefit from this trip. Here are a few examples.
1. A dog with no or little training (whether it is five months old of five years) can take advantage of this intensive training time to get through the basic program to become pheasant dog and a beginning duck dog.
2. A dog that has the basics done and you want to have the dog learn to run blinds, as well as learn some advanced marking and hunting skills.
3. A dog that you would like to start running competitions with would benefit from the trip.
4. Advanced Hunt Test dogs that need to see lots of marks and blinds to get ready for the Hunt Test season in the north.
5. Even a disobedient pet with behavior problems will benefit because of the structure of the trip.
Basic structure of a “Winter Trip”
• Leave for SC in mid February and return to WI in early April.
• Each dog will get at least two sessions a day six days a week.
• All dogs will be following one of two structured schedules depending on the training level of the dog.
• Owners will be given scheduled training updates throughout the trip.
• Goals will be set for each dog prior to going south.
• Dog drop off and pick up will happen about a week before leaving to SC and anytime from when we get home to a week after coming back to WI.

What will your dog get out of a “Winter Trip”?
• Six weeks of training in warm weather instead of sitting on the couch.
• Access to training grounds not available in the upper Midwest.
• More work done in a shorter time, we are there to work and eat grits.
• Water work in the winter.
• The chance to enjoy the benefits of having a trained dog all of next spring and summer when you can really spend time with your dog.
• For our Hunt Test dogs it will give them a jump on Hunt Test training for the year.
• For a young dog the winter training will give you more time to get a finished gundog before next fall.

Additional or side benefits of a “Winter Trip”
• Each owner and dog will go through a personal training session before going home.
• Everyone will be strongly encouraged to attend scheduled training days in Late April and Mid May that will be held only for “Winter Trip” participants at no cost.
• Free admittance to our pre hunting tune up weekend in the fall.
• Owners are welcome to come down to train with us; cheap airfare is available into Myrtle Beach in the winter. It is a great golf destination with over 100 courses in the area. Come see your dog and hit the links on the same weekend.

Other information
• Your dog needs to be up to date on their shots with a current shot record.
• Your dog will need to be given a shot for kennel cough.
• We will set goals together during the drop off/ evaluation.
• Total cost for the trip is $950 which includes birds.
• We feed Enhance the official food of Ducks Unlimited

The winter trip is always a great time for the dog and you the owner will see a great change in your dog for the positive when they get back home. You can feel good that while you are looking a giant snow banks your dog is splashing in a pond in the SC sun. If you have any questions please contact me at the number below.

Norse Retrievers
Mark Staloch
Cell 715 533-2339