FDSB English Pointer Pups

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FDSB English Pointer Pups

  tom thoelke

  204 south benedict street
          po box 846
          white deer, Texas - United States




4 females and 2 males. I am keeping a female for myself and the other pups will be sold. $300 per pup-special consideration and price will be given to trial homes and hunting guide homes. I want these pups to go to people who are going to use them not leave them in a kennel or let them sit at home all year. Will ship for additional charge. Father of the dam of this litter is running ABHA trials and has won and placed. Father of the sire of this litter was a top producer of trial dogs and has been nominated for BDHOF honors. Dam of this litter came from Poker Straight Kennels in Texas and Sire of this litter came from Nitro Kennels in Missouri. Both the sire and dam are my personal dogs who spend time in the house and backyard and are excellent wild bird dogs. I use them on wild quail and pheasant extensively throughout the season. Sire is a medium running dog that can run all day long at a hunters pace at 2-300 yards out in front, points deads, and is a good pheasant dog and an excellent quail dog with an excellent nose that is very reliable on point and will hold a bird till the cows come home. Dam will run over the horizon if I let her but I keep her reined in at 3-400 yards, she is a natural backer, natural retriever and is extremely fast and snappy, loves water, naturally picked up foot tracking pheasant, and is extremely intense on point. I am not a professional breeder or trialer or trainer. I do have friends who are and they are very impressed with my dogs and my training of them. I am only a wild bird hunter and only bred this litter so that I could have one pup out of my personal male and female hunting dogs. Call me or email me if you are interested or would like more information or pictures of the sire, the dam, and the litter as well as a detailed pedigree of the sire and dam. If I do not answer then please leave a message and return phone number and I will get back to you.