GWP ( Parent Test and Field Proven )

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GWP ( Parent Test and Field Proven )

  Richard Nugen

  WA-United States



Upcoming Litter
Expected Whelp Date: May 11, 2009

Puppy Count: 11 (eleven) puppies shown on X-Ray performed on May 5, 2009.

Puppy Reservations (As of May 5, 2009): 4 Female, 1 Male

Ruby is my personal hunting dog. She has extremely high desire and has an uncanny ability to find game. She is a true versatile dog having well balanced talents in all areas. She hunts chukar, quail, pheasant, huns, ducks and geese with me. Ruby does spend the evenings and nights in the house. She is very calm when inside. In fact this is one of the traits of both the sire and the dam. They have high drive in the field and yet are calm when it is required of them.

I have hunted over Angus. His owner, Randy, is a friend of ours. Angus is a very personable and intelligent dog. As you can see from his test scores he excels in the trained categories as well as the natural ability categories. Angus does a large amount of water fowl hunting, particularly geese, as well as upland.

The prices for the puppies are $1000 for males and $1100 for females plus any delivery charges. We can air ship puppies.

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You can reach us at (360) 909-9860