German Shorthair Pups

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German Shorthair Pups

  Fred Singer

  214 NE 7th Street
          Abilene, Kansas - United States

  785 263-3026


Wildburg, Wasserschling,Greif-Schwarenberg Pups. Whelped 12-7-09, 6F-!M, Solid Dark Liver with ticked chests and feet. This litter represents the finest and tightest in up front positioning of the all time Greatest GSP’s that this strain was developed around; and still available to the modern breeder. It is a who’s who of the finest Hall of Fame, DC, FC, sires and dames. For generations they’ve been tightly line breed with Motherline considerations. I have been for the past 25 years producing exceptional gun dogs within this strain. We have stressed in our breeding program pups with grand intelligence, bidability, natural instincts, and calm temperaments. Also an emphasis is placed on retrieving game on land and from water and honoring as prime fundamental breeding consideration. These are all traits that will produce your once in a lifetime Gun Dog for the field and family setting. If you’re interested in obtaining an outstanding pup, or acquiring more information on this outstanding litter contact me at the following address: Fred Singer 214 N.E. 7th St.,Abilene, Kansas. 67410. (785) 263-3026.