1 Solid Liver PUP LEFT (1st Pick) - IMPORT SIRED

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1 Solid Liver PUP LEFT (1st Pick) - IMPORT SIRED

  Paul Siegler

  NY-United States


THIS WAS OUR FIRST PICK TO KEEP, we are selling due to having another stud dog.
Produced from our IMPORTED SIRE
"Ivo vom Schmenfemstrich"
We are proud to announce our second litter of the year, born August 3rd 2008. This German Shorthair litter is an outstanding litter with the sire Ivo being a direct import, and the dam Lily’s entire sire’s side being imported. Both pedigree’s are excellent. Lily also has 5 master Hunters on her dams side in the first three generations.
Ivo has such dogs in his pedigree like:
Arthus KS Von der Rietberger Ems
Utz Weidmanns
Remo KS Vom Rothenuffein
Binko KS Von der Weiherwiese
Dolf KS Vom Wittekind
We have in this litter, Solid Black, Solid Liver, & Patched + Ticked Black/Liver pups. ONLY HAVE 1 SOLID LIVER MALE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 male & 1 Female (Black & White , Liver & White) = $600 (Liver & White sold)(Black & White sold)
3 Solid Liver (2ml & 1 fm) = $900 (1 Solid Liver fm sold & 1 ml remaining here- for sale)
2 Solid Black (2 fm) = $900 (1Solid Black sold)
Buyer’s of pups who wish to have them trained by us will receive 25% off the first month and 10% off consecutive months there after, minimum training period of 3 months for discounts to apply.
Please contact pheasantry@hughes.net or Jeremy at 845-887-4487
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