German Longhaired Pointer Puppies

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German Longhaired Pointer Puppies

  Cortney Schaefer

  15363 W Binfield Road
          Wood River, Nebraska - United States


We have a litter of German Longhaired Pointer puppies due in mid-April that will be ready for new homes in June. The dam and sire are both from the Czech Republic and have done extremely well in hunting tests and field trials in the Czech Republic. Both have been hunted extensively on wild pheasants, hares, and partridge. The sire is also a Czech show champion.

Both dogs have excellent hip scores. The dam is 62cm tall and the sire is 65cm tall. The dam is a solid brown colored dog and the sire is mostly white with a brown head. I can email photos upon request. Half of the pups will likely be brown like their dam and the other half will probably be mostly white like their sire.

This breeding combines the two best hunting lines in the Czech Republic into one litter that will be born here in the United States. We expect the puppies to be excellent upland gundogs and very good water dogs (the sire is a half-brother to the dog that won the best water work award at the 2007 International VGP (a highly respected test in Europe)).

Temperament is also a high priority and we expect these pups to have the typical longhair temperament: calm and well-mannered in the house while highly-driven in the field/water.

We are looking for homes where the puppies will be hunted and tested through either the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA; or the Versatile Hunting Dog Federation (VHDF; We will only accept 4 more deposits for this litter. If you are interested in a puppy from this litter, please call or email Scott or Cortney Schaefer of Coraschatten German Longhairs for more information. We can provide photos and pedigrees or arrange for you to visit our longhairs. We can also provide references from previous puppy buyers or help you arrange a visit to a German Longhair owner near you.