Solid Liver Int Ch., K.S., V.C., M. H. GSP litter

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Solid Liver Int Ch., K.S., V.C., M. H. GSP litter

  Wayne Touve

  Box 364
          Wallowa, Oregon - United States

  541 886 7555


This is a litter with all the promise of the best of American and German bloodlines. Sire Ch Cebourns Murphys Law is a double Grandson of both HOF DC Hillhaven Hustler, ( top producer of D.C.'s in history) and D.C. Kurzhaars Ruger V. Haven, 03 Dual CH Sire of The Year. Dam 2v's Second Chance Calli has her NAVHDA NA Award, Best Bred By, and Best Opposite in her one show appearance. Callis mother has her Int Ch, 3 Ntl. Gundog of The Year, and at least 12 HOF in her background. Calli's sire Int Ch Chance KS vom Riverwoods, IKP 1, NADKC 1, 4xNAVHDA UT 1, V.C. is the only GSP to hold all 3 Int HuntTitles and the only dog in the world to hold all the Versatile titles. His mother Nora is only GSP to hold the KS, MH and VC titles. She is daughter of CH Graf KS Vom Vehner Moor, in 96 the most titled GSP in the world. These have every chance to be super pups in every category. References available