13 Mo ESS Female

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13 Mo ESS Female

  Charm Lor

  MN-United States



Hope is an AKC registerable field bred English Spring Spaniel. She comes from a long list of field trial champions, excellent hunters, strong retrievers, great swimmers and flushing dogs. She is amazing as a family dog, loves to please, has a loving personality and is great with our children. Hope has hunted with me numerous times and has shown excellent quartering, scenting, retrieving qualities but what I like best is her drive for game. She is extremely intellegent and naturally responds to the whistle, something I never had to teach her. When hunted with one of the Brittanys, she's learned to listen for the Brittany's beeper collar which animates her every time it goes off and she charges in the direction of the sound to track down and flush the bird. Her short silky coat keeps maintenance to a minimum.

I must let her go because although she has the potential to be a great bird dog, I just can't get used to hunting behind a flushing dog. I've hunted behind Brittanys for the past 7 years and have come to prefer hunting behind a pointing dog. Having said that, I will only let her go to a loving and caring hunting home. I am in no rush to see her go and will enjoy her company for as long as she's with me.