Solid Liver Versatile GSP Puppies

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Solid Liver Versatile GSP Puppies

  Donnie Ebersole

  MD-United States



We currently have available 2 solid liver male pups that were born on April 12, 2006. These puppies represent a unique opportunity to acquire a linebred versatile hunting companion derived from Hustler, Hege-Haus, and Pottsiepen bloodlines. Reviewing the combined pedigree there is 6 AKC Dual Champions (DC), 29 German tested Kleiman Stigers (KS), 3 AKC Show Champions (CH), 2 NAVHDA Versatile Champions (VC), and 5 Prize I NAVHDA Utility dogs in the 5 Generation pedigree. The puppies will have pleasing temperaments, superior natural abilities, outstanding retrieving skills, and relentless hunting drive from land or water. Puppies out of this breeding will shine in NAVHDA and AKC testing events. We prefer to place these puppies in hunting or competition homes. If you are interested please contact us for pictures, pedigrees, and more information.