Brittany - 4month old male - SOLD

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Brittany - 4month old male - SOLD

  Jason Acee

  4879 stop 7 rd
          whitesboro, New York - United States



I have a brittany male that i kept from a litter we raised which was welped 7/5/05 so he is about 4 months old now. Saddly we just have not had enough time for him with my young family. my wife and i both work diferent shifts and have two young children that take priority. it kills me to let him go but he is not getting the attention he deserves. he has some basic training and socialization from a puppy class we attended. his name is Deuce and is a extremly well natured dog. he shows good hunting sign although with the lack of time i have not had him in the field yet, i have worked him with some phesant wings in the yard. Deuce comes from a quality bloodline and i have the AKC registration papers to be mailed in for him. he is up to date with all shots and vacinations. the trainer of the class we attended use to work with brittanys for show and trial and she could not get over deuces temperment and body structure, said he was one of the best she had seen in a while. Not sure what else to say about him so please email me with any questions. Plus i have tons of pictures of him.

Jason Acee