British Lab Female Puppy-Ready to go home 3/2/2019 SOLD OUT

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British Lab Female Puppy-Ready to go home 3/2/2019 SOLD OUT

  Kevin Roth

  MN-United States

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British Labrador Female

We had someone who ended up being unable to take a puppy so we now have 1 black female available from our litter of 8. These pups whelped 1/10/19 and will be ready to go home with their first round of shots complete on 3/2/19.

This is the second time these two dogs will have been bred together. The first litter turned out terrific so we decided to do it again! I have videos and photos of the puppies at young ages retrieving birds and being terrific family dogs. Please contact me if you would like to see them!

We have 2 down payments so far for females.

Dam: AKC Registered Phlox Blazingstar Riley (Riley) x Stud: International FTCH Lesser Burdock Abbotstone MH (Magnum) – Puppies are due to whelp around July 4th. They are expected to be ready for pick-up August 23rd. They are located near Minneapolis, MN.
Price of a dog: $1500 – Down payments to save puppy sex/color are required
Each dog comes out of the strongest of hunting lines. They have been bred to be great hunters and for their calm and friendly personalities. These puppies will be great hunters and great family dogs. Riley comes from KT British Labs ( and Magnum is from Old Oak Retrievers (
• As mentioned before each dog has a very calm demeanor. They both have a tremendous motor they turn on when it comes time to train, hunt or play outside. Each dog has been easy to train as they are willing to please. The natural abilities and instincts of each of these dogs is amazing. Their love for flushing, retrieving, tracking and water are high.
Hunting Backgrounds:
• These dog each hunt multiple species of game birds at very high levels. They are some of the best flushing dogs around without a doubt.
• Magnum’s hunting titles speak for themselves. He is a master hunter. To go along with that, he is an Austrian field trial champion, French field trial champion, Italian field trial champion and Hungarian field trial champion, which makes him an international field trial champion and the most accomplished British dog in the United States. Magnum finished his Junior Hunter, Senior Hunter and Master Hunter titles all within a year.
• Riley has never been run in any competitions but would be able to earn her master hunter in no time. She has proven her abilities in the field hunting pheasants, ruffed grouse, prairie grouse and waterfowl. She’s retrieved hundreds of pheasants and waterfowl in her 4 seasons of hunting. At 6 months old, she was in the field flushing and retrieving to hand. She continues to impress with her blind retrieves and tracking down running roosters.
• Neither dog has ever had any health problems and both have their hips, elbows and eyes certified by OFA.
• Riley has tested negative for exercise induced collapse disorder, centraonuclear myopathy and d locus.
• Magnum is clear on all of his genetic tests as well.
We will provide a genetic health guarantee if desired

Contact me for more information or with any questions!