Outlander German Shorthaired Pointers Puppies Expected May 2018

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Outlander German Shorthaired Pointers Puppies Expected May 2018

  Cheryl Aguiar

  WY-United States


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For our "Q" litter, we bred Outlanders Made of Honor (Matey) our Honor daughter. This is her third breeding. Matey was our "go to" this past season for pheasant. Our local pheasant area was covered in cattle and high brush or woodsy river bottom. Matey is a dog who you NEVER have to look for. Not that she has a short range…she just keeps track of YOU and hunts for YOU. She is a natural backer, her search is as big or small as the field and birds dictate, she absolutely loves water, and has a beautiful and intense style on point…plus she will track a wounded bird as long as it takes showing a concentration and dedication to the scent that I have rarely seen. It is interesting that she has become my number one tracker as she did not do it as a young dog in her Natural Ability test. All 4’s (highest score) in everything else though. She is an easy traveler and great house dog.

For our Q litter, Matey was bred to STANDING STONES TIME FOR TROUBLE MH- “VEX”. Vex is a son of a Willow Creek bred dog, Willow Creek’s Nothin But Trouble, UTI, MH and a Sharp Shooter bred bitch, Sharp Shooter’s Sweeter With Time, NAI, MH. This breeding is a nice outcross. According to Ethan Pippit, Vex’s owner, Vex is a very cooperative, high drive, honest, and easy to train dog. You can read more about him by clicking on his name above. Though Vex has not run his Utility test yet in NAVHDA (he is just 2 years old), he will be running it this fall (2018). He is an AKC Master Hunter already though. I have no question he will earn a UT Pz this year yet.

As always, we strive to breed NAVHDA bred German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies – Outlander GSPs. What does this mean? The NAVHDA bred German Shorthaired Pointer at Outlander GSPs is a dog that will hunt for and with you in both the field and the water. This dog is a hunting machine in the field for the foot hunter…not horseback hunter. He/she will hunt as close and as big as the field you ask him to cover. When you are at home, this dog is a quiet and secure house dog. The best of both worlds.

References available on serious request.