Field Springer Spaniel Pups

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Field Springer Spaniel Pups

  Anthony Baker

  26 Windmill Street
          Pawtucket, Rhode Island - United States


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Windmill Hill Field Springer Spaniels - Traditional "Rough Shooting" Qualities - Bred for Home and Hunting
We are taking deposits for our Summer 2017 Litter


"Brigit" (Black and White) was bred with "Ranger" over April 18th and 19th, 2017. The pups should be born between June 20 - 21, 2017. They will stay with us getting much love, socialization, experiential learning, and their basic skills over the next 11 to 12 weeks. So if Mother Nature is timely they will be leaving for their new forever homes somewhere around Labor Day Weekend. She is expecting six new pups to enter the ranks of home and hunters. You can learning about our training and socialization program at our website on the "Puppies" page. As well as, learning about our 2 previous litters.

"Ranger" (Liver and White) shares all of the biddability traits of Brigit and is equally capable hunting and field trialing. We have had the pleasure of watching them both develop into wonderful companions for the home and field over the past 4 years. Both have numerous dogs in their pedigree with many AKC titles and awards. For these reasons we believe this litter will be exceptional. You can see the litter's pedigree / family tree going back four generations at our website on the "Breed & Train" page.

"The Prepared Puppy Approach"
Our prepared puppy approach focuses on four critical elements of the initial individual and social learning and modeling processes in a canine:
1. Developing positive learning motivation drivers through re-enforcing a puppy’s internal desire to learn by displaying behaviors that will get them rewards. In our case the rewards will be treats, play and praise, or bird related fun.
2. Developing self-control so a puppy’s ability to learn extends to inhibiting typical instinctive reactive responses. “Hup” is constantly used (at dinner, at the door, at play) to begin the development of the all-important “steadying.” The “Short Pip” whistle command will follow as soon as “Hup” is learned.
3. Developing core behaviors so a puppy that is at “Hup” will remain calm and steady when tempted by distractions.
4. Developing socialization and adaptation skills by experiencing a number of new and strange environments in a positive and supportive manner. This leads to calm disposition desired in a companion hunter and the ability to adjust when they encounter a new environment be it with people, other dogs, terrain, weather or even game birds they are not familiar with hunting.

The week by week training regiment is described at our website on the "Breed & Train" page.