Pointing Labrador Retriever Pup

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Pointing Labrador Retriever Pup

  Yee Moua

  MN-United States




Handsome dark yellow male pointing labrador retriever available. This is a repeat breeding. Born on April 10, 2015, as of today he's 9 months old. Pup will come with AKC registration. He's has gone through obedience work: commands are Sit, heel and Come. Whistle sit and come are introduced. Force fetched completed and a natural at retrieves. He's been shot over by a 12 gauge and shows great excitement of gun shots. He's up to date on all his shots and microchipped. His confirmation is superb and his coat very dense, short and thick. He has a deep chest with a very built structure. He'll be able to with stand the cold rigid ice water on waterfowl retrieves and run all day in thick cattails or high prairie plains of North and South Dakota.
We are not a breeding kennel. We produce a litter every other year. We like to spend the time to socialize the puppies with children and adult dogs, expose early neurological stimulation, allow the puppies to grow up in a home environment, fed a well balance diet (no fillers or grain base) and go on daily walks. He's crate train thus far with minimum to no accidents. He'll be one heck of a dog for someone in the hunt test, family oriented or hunting companion scene.
I had the honors of training one of the pups from the first litter, after an unfortunate circumstance with the 1st owner. He was traveling too much for work and had little time with the pup, so he decided to send him back. The pup arrived back to us at 10 months of age. With eagerness to learn and it’s adaptability to exceed, the pup was advanced and became a Grand Master Pointing Retriever at 25 months of age. This just tells you these pups will have a lot of potential to become a hunting companion, hunt test companion or just a companion at home.
Sire and Dam on site.
Sire is 68lbs when lean and conditioned for hunting and testing season. His lineage is from the well-known hall of famer of the pointing lab world Risky Raider. He has his Senior hunter title with AKC (American Kennel Club), Master Pointing Retriever title with APLA (American Pointing Labrador Association) and 2 senior passes for NAHRA’s (North America Hunting Retriever Association). He’s been hunting wild roosters and retrieving ducks and geese with the family ever since he was 9 months of age. He’s a hunting machine in the prairie grass fields of SD, ND, IA and MN. He’ll pound through cattails and swim in those thick heavily vegetated swamps just to retrieve a down bird. He’ll pound and break ice on the Mississippi River to retrieve down geese during the late season of our rigid Minnesota weather. He'll be calm and quiet laying in his layout blind waiting for giant ganders to drop on into our fields of crops. When we’re not hunting or testing he’s home calm and collective. So you would say he’s one of a kind, he knows how to turn that off and on switch when it’s time show it. He is clear from parentage from EIC, CNM and any retinal atrophy. His OFA results are good.
Dam is 47lbs deep chest build for high power running the high plains of SD, ND and MN. Her lineage is from the well-known Helm’s Point Doc and Black Forest's Bear Grits. She has been hunting wild roosters and ducks with the family at 7 months old. This gal also has the off and on switch when in the field and at home. She is calm and gentle are the kids and family when we are home. She is clear from parentage from EIC, CNM and any retinal atrophy. Her OFA results are normal.