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WORLD CLASS Deutsch Drahthaar Puppies


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We are excited to announce the E Litter vom Moua-Forst! The selected stud is the World-Class "Uno vom Schinkleberg". We have spent years following this stud in Germany, studying how he produced and how his offspring performed. In our opinion, we believe UNO is one of the most significant stud dog of current time. He produced the International Hegewald winner in 2011 and have continued to produce impressive dogs throughout Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, the UK, and now the United States of America! Not only is he a proven producer, he is also a high performance dog with solid test scores, perfect health clearance and a 12/11 rating for conformation and coat. Aside from being the perfect specimen and proven producer, his pedigree is what makes him the full package. He is a true linebreeding of the old German strain out of vom Schinkelberg Kennel. Uno is a prodigy of a half brother to half sister breeding, with the famous Matz vom Schinkelberg on both side as his grandfather. This kind of linebreeding is usually not approve by the VDD system. However, in Uno's case, his litter was an exception because the German system saw this lineage as a clean, healthy bloodline that will represent the Deutsch-Drahthaar breed well. Uno was awarded a 12 in conformation and was the only VDD dog in the stud book that year with a perfect 12 in conformation and near perfect 11 for coat. This dog is truly a magnificent specimen and a great asset to Verein Deutsch Drahthaar Group North America (VDD-GNA). Because of all the exceptional traits Uno will contribute to GNA, vom Moua-Forst have made the full commitment to invest in him and import Uno into the USA.

We are pairing Uno with our very own Bijuu vom Moua-Forst. This girl is very cooperative, calm demeanor and a hunting machine. She has a strong, solid, broad chest big bone built. She covers the ground well and very methodical, does not stretch out as far as my fellow Dakota breeders would like to see in their grassland dogs, but perfect for the Minnesota, Iowa and public land with a mixture of terrain and various grass heights. Any parcel that Bijuu and I cover will guarantee no birds left behind. Bijuu is the type of dog that is true to a foot hunter. She will work calmly to your pace and will continuously check back. When she is in a hot pursuit track, her nose will be on the ground like a vacuum and will stalk like a feline until she pinpoint the bird. When this girl is on point, it is guarantee 100% the bird is locked down and any further movement will burst out a big bird. She is also a fantastic water dog and will sit in the blind calmly with her eyes in the sky. We believe that these broad chested big bone dogs tend to be calmer in the blinds and their water work is superior, Bijuu is a testimony to this statement. She received an 11 in her search behind the duck test and the Senior German judge who evaluated her gave high praise. In the hunting scene, Bijuu is my go-to dog for the cripples in the cattails. When she is in there and you start to hear the high pitch yelp, that is the indication that she is in full pursuit of a cripple duck. Aside from hunting, Bijuu is just a happy, gentle family dog. She not only wags her tail but wags her entire butt and always love the attention that anyone will give her. She sleeps with my 2 year old daughter in her room each night and both are peas in a pod.

I will be taking one more deposit on a female and one more on a male.
If anyone is interested in training, owning and testing a puppy out of this "history in the making" couple, give us a call.

Please see the videos of what you would expect from a puppy out of vom Moua-Forst:

Video at 8 weeks:

Everyday now they are being exposed to the outdoors, water, field, forest and the dirty swamps. They are also exposed to 22 blank shots everyday during meals and during walks. All are also potty trained to go on the grass/ sand now. All come to whistle and exposed to feather and fur.

We produce only one litter a year and spend the time to socialize the puppies with children and adult dogs, expose early neurological stimulation, allow the puppies to grow up in a home environment, expose the puppies to early hunting scenarios, fed a well balance diet (no fillers or grain base), go on daily walks with the mom, and most importantly, we allow the mother to NATURALLY wean the puppies, teaching them proper dog behavior, understanding body language and how to react in a submissive way.

Deutsch Drahthaar - litter from vom Moua-Forst

They will be with their mother for 10 weeks so she will naturally wean them and teach them proper dog behavior. I firmly believe the last two weeks of natural weaning is as important as the first two weeks of neurological stimulation. They will be expose to the “Bio Sensor” early neurological stimulation program from day three until sixteen. These puppies will be mentally stable and will be able to handle training into Master level test. The first litter have shown tremendous mental stability!

They will be up to date with their first shots, dewormed, tail docked, and well socialized. These puppies will be well socialized with people of all ages and other dogs. They will be expose to gunshots, feathers, live ducks, pheasants, quails, fur, live rabbits, retrieves, exposure to open field, woods, and water. They will be crate train and start potty training. They will start training to come on whistle as I feed them. I would expect these pups to mature into medium size dogs in the 70-75lb range and 25 inches tall to the withers.

The parents are both on site for your own evaluation. Both are hip, shoulders and eye certified to the highest ratings, both have been tested through the JGHV German testing program, went through a breed show with very good ratings for coat and conformation and certified breeders through the German VDD organization. They both have also passed the Hardness Test which involves dispatching a fang vermin.

These puppies will have strong natural abilities, will have high prey drive and will be independent thinkers. They will only be placed to a hunting family and preferably to a family who is familiar with the versatile breeds. Please email or call me with questions.