Deutsch Drahthaar Black Roan Male Puppy - 8 weeks old

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Deutsch Drahthaar Black Roan Male Puppy - 8 weeks old - Sold Out

  Yong Moua

  MN-United States


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UPDATE 10/04/2014 In the pictures: He is the little puppy. His father is the black male, mother is the brown roan, and his older brother is in the last photo. He will look identical to his older brother.

One handsome black roan male available. He is rated SG in coat by the tattoo agent and at the moment is showing a very nice short hard coat, great scissor bite teeth, excellent health, and a lot of hunting drive. He is a lot of natural pointing, and natural retrieving to hand. He has been introduced to birds, fur and gun fire.

Video at 6 weeks: the three boys can be seen on this link: copy and poaste

Everyday now they are being exposed to the outdoors, water, field, forest and the dirty swamps. They are also exposed to 22 blank shots everyday during meals and during walks. All are also potty trained to go on the grass/ sand now. All come to whistle and exposed to feather and fur.

Whelped August 1st, 2014.

Video at three weeks can be seen on this link. copy and paste

We are not a breeding kennel. We produce only one litter a year and spend the time to socialize the puppies with children and adult dogs, expose early neurological stimulation, allow the puppies to grow up in a home environment, expose the puppies to early hunting scenarios, fed a well balance diet (no fillers or grain base), go on daily walks with the mom, and most importantly, we allow the mother to NATURALLY wean the puppies, teaching them proper dog behavior, understanding body language and how to react in a submissive way.

Deutsch Drahthaar - B litter from vom Moua-Forst

They will be with their mother for 10 weeks so she will naturally wean them and teach them proper dog behavior. I firmly believe the last two weeks of natural weaning is as important as the first two weeks of neurological stimulation. They will be expose to the “Bio Sensor” early neurological stimulation program from day three until sixteen. These puppies will be mentally stable and will be able to handle training into Master level test. The first litter have shown tremendous mental stability!

They will be up to date with their first shots, dewormed, tail docked, and well socialized. These puppies will be well socialized with people of all ages and other dogs. They will be expose to gunshots, feathers, live ducks, pheasants, quails, fur, live rabbits, retrieves, exposure to open field, woods, and water. They will be crate train and start potty training. They will start training to come on whistle as I feed them. I would expect these pups to mature into medium size dogs in the 70-75lb range and 25 inches tall to the withers.

The parents (Sam and Anja) are both on site for your own evaluation. Both are hip, shoulders and eye certified to the highest ratings, both have been tested through the JGHV German testing program, went through a breed show with very good ratings for coat and conformation and certified breeders through the German VDD organization. They both have also passed the Hardness Test which involves dispatching a fang vermin. Anja and Sam have also been tested in NAVHDA with perfect score of 112 in the NA test.

These puppies will have strong natural abilities, will have high prey drive and will be independent thinkers. They will only be rehome to a hunting family and preferably to a family who is familiar with the versatile breeds. Please email or call me with questions.

Video of the A Litter puppies can be found on youtube, copy and paste link into your browser:

Videos of parents can be found on youtube, copy and paste link into your browser: