Excellent Pedigreed Labrador Retriever Pups For Sale

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Excellent Pedigreed Labrador Retriever Pups For Sale

  Steve Mazak

  240 Pine St.
          Creston, Ohio - United States




For Sale: 1 Yellow Female, 2 Yellow Males, 3 Black Females born on August 29, 2015. Will be weaned on October 10, 2015.

Killbuck Creek Molly X 4XGMPR HRCH Lakotas Hurricane Cruz MH. Proven Pointing Labs. This is a repeat breeding

CRUZ MADE PL HISTORY AS THE YOUNGEST DOG (AT 2 YR'S OLD) TO EARN 4XGMPR, HRCH, MH TITLES AND THE ONLY CHOCOLATE of any age to earn these titles (near 90% pass rate, amateur trained and handled)

Cruz is the example of what PL breeding has been striving to achieve over the past 20 years. A true "Dog of a Lifetime" He is a dog with the proven "bird sense" to work wild upland birds with the true style and range of the pointing breeds and put the smack-down on waterfowl. His 4 gen. pedigree lists 9 GMPR and 5 FC/AFC titles. He is a 5th Generation GMPR on both sire and dam side and perhaps the only "direct decent" or unbroken 5th gen GMPR the APLA has seen. Cruz demonstrates some of the best "balance" seen in the breed. Exceptionally smart without dominance. Easy to train, loves to engage and learn. HUGE MOTOR, runs flat out even on the most repetitive drills, always ready to go 100%. Runs the upland big and fast, yet careful in the scent cone and working wild runners. Affectionate, full-time in-home family dog with a fantastic "off-switch".

Cruz was amateur trained and handled to his GMPR AT 18 MONTHS OF AGE, 3XGMPR and HRCH by 24 months, 4X at 30 months in 8 strait master passes, and MH. Has successfully passed 26 of 30 hunt tests entered.
He is hunted extensively throughout the fall on wild pheasants and waterfowl. Trains and tests the rest of the year.

Cruz is medium size - 60lb., athletic and built to run. Chocolate (Brown!) with yellow factor (bbEe), Excellent Hips, EIC Clear, PRA-PRCD clear, CNM clear

You can see more about Cruz here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_zHtjKWGVU

Molly is a very good looking black female of average size (about 65 pounds) and sleek athletic build. Molly has shown her owners what a truly outstanding home companion and hunting partner can be. Strong point and demonstrated skills in the duck blind and field. Molly is extensively hunted both locally and in trips out west. She is the entire package for a home companion and versatile hunting dog on pheasants and waterfowl.
She is out of 1.5 GMPR Cuiver Rivers Playin for Keeps HRCH SH who is a little rocket.
Molly has OFA clear hips, Clear Eyes, Clear Elbows, EIC Clear

Again, Molly is just that awesome home and gun dog that everyone hopes to have and the combination with Cruz produced some very athletic, focused gun dog companions in the first breeding between these two.
Here is a link to a video of Molly's pointing ability: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3LX2JmpOO4

This is a video of a pup from the first breeding between these two great dogs. This is Porscha at 5 months old and only her second time on real birds : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGPdSa_tafc

Females $800.00
Males $700.00