SOLD English Pointer Pups / 25x Crows little joe / 9x Honky Tonk Attitude lines

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SOLD English Pointer Pups / 25x Crows little joe / 9x Honky Tonk Attitude lines

  Ricky Pedigo

  9926 scottsville rd
          Glasgow, Kentucky - United States



The lines with (Crow's Little Joe and Honky Tonk Attitude) are well known all over the country to produce some of the finest "true bird dogs" in the country. NO OTHER genetics can compare to their nose and uncanny bird finding abilities. EVERY SINGLE ONE of Crow's Little Joe females can point a bird from over 40 yards. Most genetics simply can not do that. It's that simple. That makes it real easy to produce birds where others can't. It's no big secret when they can smell a bird a half a football field away.
They are the most natural lines out there, period. They require very little training compared to other lines and you can generally have a pretty darn fine little bird dog by a year to a year and a half old. If developed properly, they almost all will point, back and retrieve naturally. It's heart warming to watch a 5 - 6 month old pup throw down it's first back with perfection. You just can't beat it. I hope you enjoy your new pup as much as we do.

Best bloodlines available bred for hunting and field trial.

Dam is granddaughter of Crows little joe and Honky tonk attitude.

All are Liver and White in color / born on 6-23-2012

$100. Deposit will hold your new pup

Rick Pedigo 270-646-0781