Puppies,Kemmer/ Original Mountain Cur

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Puppies,Kemmer/ Original Mountain Cur

  Alesia Russell

  2312 route 4
          Staunton, Illinois - United States




The history of the Kemmer Cur is basically is the same as the Original Mountain Cur, because that is the breeding stock Robert Kemmer choose to use. He selected the best all-round dogs and bred them together, then line bred them to get the same characteristics. To have strong hunting and treeing instincts. the dog will take the best tracks and will run to catch, and yet cold nosed for winding ability. They will circle and drift on a cold track until they find the hot end. They are easily broke off unwanted game. They are fearless and courageous fighters on dangerous game. They can be taught to do any task when given the chance. The more contact they have with there master the better they respond to training. They make excellent companions, stock dogs, and watch dog. This dog out last and out runs my walker.
We have 10 NKC Puppies all colors Black, Buckskin, Brindle and black with brindle trim.