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Brittany Pups AKC

  Brad Dysinger

  21450 Road 60
          Grover Hill, Ohio - United States

  419 587 3555

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The dogs we raise are hunting dogs, "meat in the pan" dogs. they are not field trial. Our Britts are awesome house dogs and will be by your side and attentive to all you do. BUT they are like children, they need their daily exercise to be happy and obedient. Put your hunting boots and coat and they will be by the door waiting on you. We have found them very easy to train. Actually they train us to their bird signals and how they work a track out, or how they stop a running bird. All you need to do is to get them on birds and they will teach us. We can do them more harm to their hunting by giving them too many orders. Britts are eager to please and will do what you order them to do rather than follow their nose. Since I can't smell birds I have to follow their noses and I almost always get the bird. I don't know what they are smelling and I may be calling them off a fresh track to "get over in this cover" which looks good to me. I have seen people order their dog so much that birds I have seen in the field ahead of us when the dog gets to that area and starts working the bird, maybe not the way we think we should go, the owner calls the dog in another direction and off the bird. In short they are smart and the birdiness is in there.