Pointing Lab Pups have Arrived!

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Pointing Lab Pups have Arrived!

  Bob Zachman

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Molly had 9 gorgeous big healthy pups on April 4th!! ... 2 yellow males, 2 black males and 5 black females.

Price: $1,200 OBO

Taking deposits now. $250 will hold your pup until he/she is ready to go home with you the first week of June! If you are looking for a fantastic upland/waterfowl hunter and/or hunt test dog, you owe it to yourself to check out these pups (see contact info below)!!

These dogs will be pointing/retrieving athletes! They will not be the slow/plodding type of upland hunters, they will work close but cover ground in a hurry!.

Sire = 3XGMPR HR Clouds Bold Bear if Nereus SH
Dam = MPR HR TRP Smokin Molly McGee JH

Sire CERF LR-56416
Dam CERF LR-56004
Sire OFA LR-186844E35M-VPI
Dam OFA LR-178045G24F-PI

This is a very, very nice breeding between two pretty special dogs! Both Bear and Molly are great waterfowl and upland hunters, as well as, disciplined hunt test dogs. Both are instinctive/natural pointers and strong retrievers.

The 4 Gen pedigree for these pups has:
> 13 Grand Master Pointing Retrievers (6 are 4XGrand Masters)
> 12 Hunt Test Masters (All Orgs)
> 15 Field Trial Titles (Multiple titles from same dog counted separately)


These are serious hunting dogs owned by serious hunters!!

Bear has been on over 50 pheasant hunts in ND, SD, KS and CO and many waterfowl hunts CO in the last 3 years.

Here are some links to video's of Bear both pheasant and goose hunting (The first is 9 min long, but the rest are just short clips that never made it into the big video):












Bear is super intelligent and trainable, has endless energy to hunt upland or waterfowl and is super friendly and mellow at home. His on/off switch is superb! Bear is the ideal hunting family dog! (He's pretty darn handsome too!!)

At 3 years old last summer, Bear achieved his APLA 2X Grand Master Pointing Retriever, AKC Senior Hunter and HRC Hunting Retriever (Seasoned Retriever) titles. Our goal is for him to become a APLA 4X-Grand Master, AKC Master Hunter and HRC Hunting Retriever Champion by the end of this summer. He already passed his first attempt at the HRC Finished Test last summer.

UPDATE (19APR11): Bear passed the master pointing test twice in Higginsville, MO this past weekend (April 16th and 17th). Thats six master passes in a row, so he is now a 3XGMPR. Two more passes to go and he will max out as a 4XGMPR!! There are still some pups available!!

Bear is EIC Clear, CNM Clear, PRA Clear. RD/OSD Clear, has OFA excellent hips, OFA normal elbows, normal CERF and normal heart!

Molly has retrieved over 500 ducks, geese and pheasant in the last three years. She is known to be one of the best marking dogs you will ever see!! Molly also loves to hunt upland and has a very intense and stylish point that she will hold for as long as is necessary!

Molly is an APLA Master Pointing Retriever and AKC JH and, after this litter is born, she should finish her AKC Senior Hunter this summer. She already has her HRC Hunting Retriever title (Seasoned Retriever).

Molly's parents are both 4X Grand Master Pointing Retrievers AND she has 5 FC/AFC field trial dogs on her pedigree too, including Ebonstar James, Lean Mac, Super PIC, MS Chief and Rebel with a Cause.

Molly is PRA Clear, CNM Clear and she has OFA good hips and OFA normal elbows.

The American Pointing Lab Association (APLA) just recently announced a new APLA Hall of Fame to recognize the best pointing labs of all time. Six dogs were inducted into the HOF. The pups in this litter will have 5 of the 6 dogs in their extended pedigree and 7 total occurrences of those dogs, as two are repeated twice!!!

A recent story on Bear....

Just to give you an idea of the quality of Bear's upland hunting skills, a few weeks back we entered our first run & gun pheasant hunting competition, the Colorado State Pheasant Hunting Championship (a Bird Dog Challenge event). We entered the Top Gun true pointing division against over 30 German Shorthair Pointers. Bear's performance was flawless! His time on the first day was good enough for 1st or 2nd (depending upon the tie breaker) and his time on the second day was good enough for 3rd. Only one problem, his owner (me) was shooting for Bear that day and only bagged 3 of the 4 birds on both days! ...(and, yes, I will be spending some time at the skeet, trap and sporting clay range this summer... so, next time, I can do my dog justice!!)

If you have any interest in these puppies, please call 970-215-6031 for info on Bear, or 970-290-4739 for info on Molly and the pups.