exceptional wild bird/trialing gsp litter

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exceptional wild bird/trialing gsp litter

  dennis pierce

  s5965 hy pf
          north freedom, Wisconsin - United States




I have a litter out of my eva,Foxgloves Fire and Ice bred to dunfurs ndl diver,that is expected to be produced this winter.Eva has been confirmed pregnant through ultrasound.
Eva is a tall leggy bitch,who goes about 52 to 58 pounds and is a dog who goes all day long out west hunting and is still getting stronger at an hour in trials.
She is the strongest backing dog I have ever owned,along with a good nose and a great personality.I have shot wild birds over her in wisconsin and montana and north and south dakota.She has wins in both derby and broke akc trials.along with other placements.
Dunfur's Ndl Diver is ran by Dan hoke,who has produced some very nice puppies,and
has finished both his fc and afc.Diver also has been hunted on wild birds with great success,and has a great personality also.
This breeding is to produce a pup for myself,and to produce a dog similar to what I have seen in Dan Hokes dogs over the years.
The pedigree will show dogs such as NFC/NGDC/FC/AFC Dunfur's PFK Joe Obvious
as a grandfather,while FC/AFC Dunfur's Dumazuri Rapscallion will be a grandmother of the pups,two exceptional trial and wild bird dogs,along with dogs such as FC Uodibar's Shoot the Moon.
I have very high hopes for this litter,as I expect some powerfull dogs who can and will hunt hard all day,and who will be friendly family dogs also.
The puppies will be nomintaed for both the gspca and the ngspa futurities.