French Brittany- 1 female 2 males

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French Brittany- 1 female 2 males

  Clint LaFary

  1598 Towerline Road
          Delavan, Illinois - United States


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We breed Lucy to GRCHF 2XTR Vernon de L'Escarbot SH of in earliy July. To find out more about Vern (and his many awards) and all of Mark's champion dogs, please visit his web page. We believe Vern to be the best sire in the nation for what we were looking to bring in to our lines. Contact us at 309-231-8868 or

The pups are 7 weeks old on 10-26.

About French BrittanysWhy choose a French Brittany?
Because most of us want a hunting dog that will fit into our home. A French Brittany will do just this. They are beautiful, have a wonderful temperament, keen intelligence with exceptional natural hunting instincts. They are wonderful with children and a joy to be around all year long. When hunting season comes they will gladly hunt all day for you. And you will enjoy watching their graceful and energetic movement because they will hunt with you and not in the next county. Beautiful to watch, easy to train and care for, in a compact easy to transport package.

French brittanys and American Brittanys are not the same breed:
Many breeders differentiate between "American" Brittanys and "French" style Brittanys. Although generally recognized as sub-sets of the same breed, there are recognizable differences between the two. The French Brittany appears more "spaniel-like" in that it is smaller and the French Brittany generally works more closely to the guns, but will work according to the local terrain. However, some breeders consider these "differences" to be unsound generalizations and that American standards should be updated to reflect the breed's standard in its country of origin, i.e. France, where black has become an acceptable coat and nose color since 1956 while it is still considered a fault in America. Originally known as the Brittany Spaniel, the word "spaniel" was dropped in the U.S. some years ago, as the American Brittany Club persuaded the American Kennel Club to discontinue the use of the term "spaniel" for this breed.
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