Ch. AKC GSP's in SW KS

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Ch. AKC GSP's in SW KS

  Jessi Peek

  2160 S Blvd
          HC1 Box 110
          Rolla, Kansas - United States


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We had 6 males and 4 females born on June 26. Molly (Mom) was a liver roan, patched and ticked, and Ace (Dad) was a white and liver, patched and ticked. Molly has champion bloodlines in her background. Mostly Field but one was a Dual Champ. Her father was a black roan, patched and ticked. She didn't get to go pheasant or quail hunting with us much. She seemed to either be in season or too pregnant to go out for very long. Ace was a true hunter. He went out over 70 days in 2008, but I didn't keep track this last year. We had to work more and couldn't play quite as hard. We moved to a place with a pond last fall, and he spent every day fishing. You had to practically drag him out of the water at night to get him to come eat.

We currently have 2 males and 2 females left. We have both color variations. Liver Roan or White and Liver. None came out black (Dang It), but the liver is extremely dark. They have had their dewclaws removed and tails docked. They have had two sets of shots and been wormed at 6 weeks. We will keep their shots up to date until they sell. Prices are negotiable, and we have one that is already an avid swimmer. She's taking after her daddy, and she's only nine weeks old! Had a white male start swimming last night (9-1). He's been watching his sister all week and decided it looked like fun! I'm so excited about these little guys. They are fearless.

Sold the female swimmer, but still have the male!!

We are offering Full AKC Registration for an additional $150. This option is available for life. If you just want the pedigree, but not breeding rights. We will sell Limited Registration for $50.

I have lots of pictures online and if you want to see photos of past litters, feel free to ad me on Facebook. Make sure you send me a message as to why you're adding me please. I've been getting a lot of pranks lately.

P.S. I love PayPal! Don't bother asking me to do that whole cashing a money order crap.