Unable to ship to Buyer FM BL Pup from NFC and Pointing Lab Lines- She Already

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Unable to ship to Buyer FM BL Pup from NFC and Pointing Lab Lines- She Already

  Bryan Dick

  720 Thompson Rd
          Graham, North Carolina - United States




I have a second pick female pup remaining from my litter of 6 pups from a selected breeding combing two, completely natural pointing labs. The buyer, who had paid in full, is unable to get her due to the difficulty of getting a dog flown into ID in the summer heat. Most of the airports in the Rockies are not participating in Delta’s Summer Live Animal Program or the Pets First program. Flying the dog as carry-on would have been no problem. So, I have told the existing buyer that I will find someone else and I provided his refund. This pup is a nice female that I had selected for the buyer who runs AKC hunt test and is interested in running some FT events if he had the right dog. She has been in the house with us for the last week while we tried to work out shipping her and is now mostly house broke, kennel trained, and she will run about a 10 yd retrieve at 8 wks. She has a great temperament, is already willing to learn and most importantly to the PL people. She has a strong pointing instinct. The photo is of her pointing this weekend when she discovered chickens in the yard.
The litter was in NC and whelped on May 23. One of these pups went to Flushing Hills in North Dakota as the breeding was initiated by their interest in obtaining pups off of Duke's Armed and Dangerous HRCH (Trieven Turbulence X AFC Trieven Twist and Shout bitch) . They will provide reference for the sires phenomenal bird work on wild pheasants. The request for puppies of Duke by the owner of Flushing Hills is a reference in itself. The Trieven dogs have the heritage of being some of the true foundation dogs in the PL world and their pups are in the highest demand still today. This litter is a chance to tie directly to those lines without taking out a second mortgage (Duke and other Trieven pups are high $$$ and not normally available to the everyday upland hunter).
The dam is a 65# YL bitch with as true a natural point as you can find, and that is from the perspective of growing up with All Age FT English pointers. Sage (NFC Abes Ebony and Ivory X Midnights Rainy Hilltop QAA (Bubba Daughter) is a full blown pointer, with about half of her points a classic tripod point. I have some video clips to send to anyone interested in seeing her working and settling on point. I have not really advanced her beyond the natural desire to point and hold till flush. However, the unique aspect of this dog is that strong pointing instinct coming from a bitch sired by an NFC! Many of the PL lines out there do not have the strength of Hall of Fame retrievers in the lines. Trieven lines had that trait, FC's that had a natural point! This litter follows that principle of breeding natural pointing lab pups off of some the best FT lines in the country while tying to the Trieven lines that have thrown so many great pointing labs. I would like to see this pup go to someone who will run her in either AKC, UKC or in the PL certification test but that don't have thousands to buy into the current GMPR lines. I want to see what these pups can do, not get a few hundred more dollars.....
If you are in the South, this litter represents a unique opportunity for solid PL lines off Trieven Kennels that are not usually found down here.
Duke is HRCH and an upland hunting machine! He has the momentum and drive for FT work, but was not in a home to get that opportunity. He is the kind of dog that will run a line on a 250 yd blind, may not need more than one whistle, and will burn it up like he saw a mark. He eats up acreage in the bird field with the stamina more akin to a Shorthair. Duke has OFA clearance on hips and elbows.

Sage has been amateur trained by me when I can squeeze in training time while working a typical engineer's 60 hour + week. She literally seems to absorb the information from each training session. I have washed out a lot of lab pups in the last 15 years and I was actually training daily with those dogs. This dog loves to retrieve, has a lot of bottom, and takes the training with 150% enthusiasm. She just can't get enough field work in to make her happy. True to Hilltop's Hayseed Legacy, she is a marking machine. Bubba sired several PLs, and that was why I wanted to get another pup off his line. You can see my comments about my Bubba grandson that on the site for Rockerin Medicine Beau. So, I jumped at a Bubba daughter X NFC Eba puppy in the hope for great retrieving ability and a natural point. It worked out….Sage went 3 yrs without a heat, so this breeding was unexpected and sudden. She has 4 or 5 generations of OFA cert parants, but I am still going to get her OFA xrays done in another two weeks when she will have been 4 weeks off weaning. The vet would not sedate her after I bred her so we have to wait for certification.
If you want a pointing lab that still has all the retrieving ability and desire of the best bred litters in the country, you should consider the chance for this early pick in the litter pup that we are unable to get to ID and to her initial buyer.
I intended on this being a thorough advertisement to keep from wasting everyone’s time, yours and mine. Please feel free to contact me if you have further interest, want more pics, video, references from others, etc. I want four more good homes for these pups…

My only caveat: The sire and dam of these pups are laid back around the house but they are hell on wheels when on retrieve or in the field. These pups will be high drive!