GMPR MPR CP Cal x APR CP Maggie(daughter of NFC Patton)

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GMPR MPR CP Cal x APR CP Maggie(daughter of NFC Patton)

  Tim Galeazzi

  1111 hwy S71
          Knoxville, Iowa - United States


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Taking deposits on this breeding that took place June 4th. These pups will be some of the best bred pointing labs that have a field trial pedigree in the country for 2010. The puppies should be intense at retrieving with great marking ability. Hunt with incrediable desire and style. Very nice natural staunch point. Most pointing labs don't have field trial blood in their pedigree like this litter has. These pups will be very very smart with a ton of drive to retrieve and easy to train. Great temperament and companions. All black puppies that will be yellow factored EIC clear and OFA and eye cerf. These puppies should be able to compete at APLA events, hunt test, field trials or be awesome hunting companions. Both the dam and sire are excellant in the house. We desire competing homes for these puppies. We will consider other homes though. Six puppies as of 5/25/10 have been spoken for. We have several customers that have been waiting on this litter for over a year. Maggie and Cal are both in training currently and Cal should get his QAA this summer as he placed third in his first QAA field trial this spring. Also this summer he will be working on his AKC MH title. After the AKC titles for Cal he will return to the APLA next year and get his 4XGMPR. He should finish with a QAA MH 4XGMPR titles. Maggie will be QAA next year as she will go back into training with Brian Norwood after this litter. The goal for Maggie is QAA MH 4XMPR. No other Female has those titles in the country. We have references on both Cal and Maggie from people who have trained dogs over 20 years. The price for a pup is $1500. Please call for more info. 26 month unconditional guarantee.

SIre: Cal places 3rd in his first field trial QAA event held by the Kansas City Retriever club on April 16th 2010.

GMPR JH Texas Pointing labs High caliber Nitro “Cal” (FC AFC Yellowstones TNT Explosion x QAA Queen of the Club). He is a very talented retriever as he is very intense at the line. He hunts with a tremendous amount of desire with a huge motor that doesn’t stop. Cal was for the most part amateur trained to the GMPR level. He will be working on his QAA title in Iowa. The goal for Cal in 2010 is to have his QAA MH and 4XGMPR when training stops. Cal has pointed since 7 weeks of age. He usually has a tripod point with intensity. He already has pups that he has thrown point in. Cal's pedigree is very unique when you compare him to all other GMPR as he has no APLA bloodlines just FC or QAA. This is why he has such a high level of drive to retrieve, hunt or train. If you want a high powered pup this may be the stud for you. Keep in mind Cal can turn it on or off as he lives in the house with our family. He weighs 75lbs and is a very handsome male. I have had dogs for 35 years and never owned a dog this talented as he is truly once in a lifetime dog. It will be hard to find a pedigree similar to Cal's in the APLA (pointing labs) which has phenomenal field champion's with known natural pointing lines. Strong natural pointer since 7 weeks of age.Tremendous field drive in the upland. Gifted marker, loves water. Wonderfully buoyant and loving personality with calm house manners. He truely can turn it on and off. Great with kids and other dogs. Tremendous "trainability".
Attained GMPR title at 2 years of age. Amateur trained except for basic obedience and early marking at 6-9 months of age. He has an excellant bill of health exams.
Dam APR (advanced pointing retriever) CPR (Certified Pointer retriever) Patton's Maggie. Sire 2XNFC, FC, AFC, Patton was a phenomenal animal. He was very intelligent retriever that achieved NFC. That means he was the best in the world in 2003. His sire NAFC, FC, AFC, Ebonstar Lean Mac who has sired the most FC dogs ever. Maggie's dam Dolly is out of Jazztime kennels with AFC Rascal as her Sire. With Patton's retrieving and Dolly's pointing ability, we believe maggie is very special in the pointing lab world. Maggie has an intense desire to retrieve, train and hunt. She is fun and easy to train, very smart as she picks up concepts quickly. She loves people. She has a strong natural point.We hope to have her QAA MH and 4XGMPR in 2011. Maggie is a very special dog. Keep your eye on her as we have deposits on her first litter for over one year. Her OFA Excellant. EIC clear. Maggie has several references to back what Iowa Pointing Labs is saying about her.