25x CH Crow's Little Joe/9x NC Honky Tonk Attitude pups

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25x CH Crow's Little Joe/9x NC Honky Tonk Attitude pups

  Shawn Eisenhauer

  KS-United States



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Unless something changes with us moving, this will be one of the last litters that we breed. These genetics are extremely hard to find and may not be around much longer.

Many people in the NSTRA world are now finding out that the most productive cross out there is 25x CH Crow's Little Joe to 9x NC Honky Tonk Attitude. Crow's Little Joe has long been the leading producer in NSTRA history. Linebreeding on those genetics works good for a while. By second generation though, they need an outcross. The most productive one (do your own due diligence if you need to) is crossing them up as close as you can get to 9x NC Honky Tonk Attitude. The cross produces an amazing foot hunting/foot trialing dog. We have developed breeding programs to both preserve and work off of these genetics.

This litter here is sired by 4x CH Shady Meadows Little Joe Dan who is linebred 25x CH Crow's Little Joe. His dad is 25x CH Crow's Little Joe and his mom is sired by a littermmate of 25x CH Crow's Little Joe.

On these litters we took Danny's linebred genetics and crossed them with a frozen semen daughter of 9x NC Honky Tonk Attitude who's mom is 6x CH Regional CH Sawyer's Little Jewel who is out of 17X Burchell's Dutchman who of course is out of 25x CH Crow's Little Joe. It looks confusing in words here so if you go to the pointer litters page and then click on foot hunting/foot trialing pups page you can pull up the full litter pedigree to see the genetic combinations in an easy to look at form.

These litters represent many generations of proven performers that are also proven to pass it on to their offspring (which is really more important than anything). The bottom line is look at the genetics and ask yourself honestly if you think there is any way to buy a better foot hunting genetic. The key here is to be honest with yourself. Like us, love us, hate us, whatever. Doesn't really matter. The proof is in the birds in the bag and there simply isn't any better cross than these to put them there (for a foot hunter anyway).

If you have any questions about working with this line of dogs or are interested in one of the pups Contact Shady Meadows Gundogs at 805-736-3869 and ask for Shawn or e-mail shadymeadowskennel@hughes.net