The last double grandsired 25x CH Crow's Little Joe pups

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The last double grandsired 25x CH Crow's Little Joe pups

  Shawn Eisenhauer

  KS-United States


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These pups will probably be the last double grandsired pups from 25x CH Crow's Little Joe. Due to the reliability and consistancy of the reproduction of his lines we have developed a breeding program to keep them going. Joe produced more NSTRA champions and just flat incredible foot hunting pointers then any dog in history and he wasn't even bred much for his last 4 years or so.

If you want Crow's Little Joe genetics Danny produces a big, strong pup that develops early. Danny weighs about 62 lbs. He's a man's dog in every sense. He's broad, heavy muscled, a big square head and just a flat impressive animal to look at. Far better put together then any other winning Joe son that we have seen. Too bad he was only trialed on a limited basis because he could really do the breed some good. He's built, runs and handles his birds like the real bird dogs of old instead of the snipy little windup bird champions of today. Granted, he's a little much to handle. He should have been a shooting dog but most NSTRA champions are really shooting dog capable dogs that have been patterned for the NSTRA field.

With this litter we bred him to our daughter of 25x CH Crow's Little Joe that is probably the best bird dog I've ever hunted over. She's so nice that she's the dog our client that has all the land that we lease gets to use every season for his personal dog. If asked, I would've never thought the cross that produced her would have been so nice but what a pleasant surprise. She's a 25x CH Miller's Silver Bullett, line bred CH Miller's Chief female on the bottom side which gave Molly a floating gate that looks effortless as she runs.

The right outcross is the key in breeding on the Crow's Little Joe genetics and Molly's side is about as outrossed as there is and boy did it work. Normally we like to breed the Joe genetics to 9x NC Honky Tonk Attitude genetics for NSTRA pups. They are real tough to beat but Molly's first litter bred to a Joe son this past winter produced such nice pups that we decided to get a few for our breeding program. This will probably be Molly's last litter (this is number 3 and she's 8 years old) so if you want a double grandsired Crow's Little Joe pup with the characteristics of these parents this is probably the last chance.

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