Field Bred English Springer Spaniel puppies

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Field Bred English Springer Spaniel puppies

  Brian Frerichs

  IA-United States


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6 Female puppies, 1 male puppy. This is an excellent breeding bringing together two fine lines of dogs.
AFC Limesway Luke - Call name 'Archie'
Archie's sire is Moonreed Flush who won the 2002 spaniel championship at the ripe old age of two and was promptly retired to stud.
His dam was EFC Rushworth Swift. She received a diploma of merit in the 2000 spaniel championships.
        Other high profile names you will see in his pedigree will be Kettelstang Comet and Kenine Robb of Rytex who are two of the most prolific studs in UK history. Archie had a 1rst, 2nd and a 4th in the UK trials. Archie won the N. Colorado trial last fall and received the guns choice award for best rapport with the handler, also the third amateur he ran in. He also won the NE amt. This spring he has finished all but one open he has run in. He has a third place in the Kansas open in March. What does his owner say about Archie - "I have never had a dog with this much talent mixed with the devotion he has for me. When he is running and hunting he is working for me and it is one of his most desirable traits. He is an absolute joy to hunt over!
The dam
I have imported both of my females from Skaar Kennel near Calgary Canada.
The reason I did was because they are producing some very competitive dogs, and I wanted my females to have these genetics, and pass them on to their puppies.
Skaar Kennel track record to date:
CFC Breezy Point’s Wenceslas (Hobbes)
2 National Placements
Gun’s Award Canadian National 1999
Only sire to produce 2 National High Point Open Dogs in same year (2000)
CFC Skaar’s Midwinter Beaujolais (Calvin)
Canadian National High Point Open Dog 2000
Gun’s Award Canadian National 2000
NAFC, FC, CFC Skaar’s Whitlocks Warlock
US National High Point Open Dog 2000
US National High Point Amateur Dog
Canadian National High Point Open Dog
US National Amateur Champion
Only dog to place in all 3 Nationals and have all 3 National High Point Open Dog Titles
FC CFC Skaar’s Jumpin Jasper
US National High Point Open Dog 2004